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    SafeTech and WinTech bootdisks fail to remove EEPC

      Hi all,


      I have previously used the WinTech floppy bootdisk to remove EEPC from a couple of laptops before with no problems, but I'm having problems removing EEPC from two Tablet PCs.  The tablets are both model Lenovo X200


      We are using EEPC build 5700


      I can boot to the WinTech/SafeTech bootdisks ok. Authenticate to the filesystem ok and then when I click the Remove EEPC option I get slightly different results;


      On SafeTech it starts to decrypt, as it should and it looks good (apart from being very slow) but then it freezes completely.  This appears to be random from 5 minutes to an hour or more later.  This is repeatable on both tablet pcs.


      On the WinTech BartPE bootdisk it freezes as soon as you click Remove EEPC.

      Upon further reflection, I added the intel SATA driver to the bootdisk and retried.  It then did start to decrypt but again freezes randomly, the same as the SafeTech disk.


      I changed the SATA options in the BIOS to compatibility (from AHCI) but the same problem is apparent.


      I did manage to retrieve data off the tablets but I don't want to have to rebuild/reimage the machines.


      Anyone got any ideas ?



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          If you can mount encrypted disk from WinTech BartPE CD, then you could take clear (unencrypted) image of computer disk from there.

          If you then restore that image to original disk, fix OS MBR, take PC off the network and remove EEPC (SBSetup -uninstall), then you should be good.

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            Thanks for the suggestion Peter but that sounds like it would take much longer than actually just recovering the data and reimaging.


            I'm more interested in the option to remove EEPC working as intended

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              We ran into the exact same problem.  We suspect it has something to do with the 5700 build, but don't know for sure.  The fix was to use the latest WinTech PE plugin available, instead of the 5700 version.  Just download EEPC 5.2.2  (assuming you're authorized )  and use the PE plugin from that version.  You don't need to upgrade anything on your server just to use the newer plugin. It's been working great for us.  Our experience has been that it's completely backward compatible with previous client versions.  Well, back to build 5700, which is the oldest we have.