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    EPO3.6 with EPO4.5 VSE8.7i

      Hi all


      currently i have a site running epo3.6 with vse8.5i. i am going to setup a new office and install epo4.5 with vse8.7i. the new office will pull updates from my current site. there is a firewall in between these 2 sites, but ftp port will be open and restricted to only these 2 servers

      i would like to know if the configuration is okay and if this is a good configuration.

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          Instead of managaing two installs of EPO which different policys etc, you can setup an existing server in the new site as a repository and the agents could update from that instead.

          There will be some additinal ports that need to be opened but the manuall has that listed.

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            Hi James.wood


            thanks for your answer. however i need to keep both install separate.

            the current one will not have the same policy as the new epo server.

            however, the new one will download all the updates and definition from the current server.

            so that is why i wish to check if i can do it by this way.


            may i know what are all the ports to open in my firewall to do so?

            because so far i know, only FTP is need to transfer the files over.


            thank you very much for responding.



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              One point to mention - are you intending for the ePO 4 server to pull content from the ePO 3.6.1 server? If so, then I'm afraid this is not possible. ePO 4 servers need to know the key used to sign a repository's content, or they will refuse to accept it - and there is no way to export the key from a 3.6.1 server.


              Regards -



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                hi Joe


                thanks for the response.

                how about epo v4 and epo v4.5 ?

                or v3.6.1 and v4







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                  ePO 4 and 4.5 servers can pull from each other - the only thing you must do is export the Master Repository Public Key from the server that will be the "source" site, and import it into the server that will be the "client".

                  I *think* an ePO 3.6.1 server can pull from an ePO 4 / 4.5 server, but I'm not 100% sure: give me an hour or so an I can test it.


                  One very important point: if you *are* going to pull from one ePO repository into another, we very strongly recommend that you do not pull from the master repository. Instead, on the source server, set up a distributed repository and configure it so that only signature-type content (for example DATs, engines, HIPs signatures, spam updates etc.) is replicated to it. Then use this distributed repo as the source site for your client server.


                  The one thing you absolutely must avoid is pulling the agent package from one server into another: if this happens then all the machines belonging to the client server will start communicating with the source server, which is usually a disaster


                  Regards -



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                    4 and 4.5 would work fine. Its just epo 3.6 operates in a completely different way.


                    Just to mention if you are intending on migrating these machines to the new epo server I would strongly recommend checking the mcafee agent 4 package into epo 3.6 and rolling ouut, as the transistion will be much smoother. I have seen numerous issues with tasks not being deleted etc when agent 4.5 is installed over agent 3.6.


                    Or you could remove the 3.6 agent with the 3.6 console before deploying the 4.5 agent from the 4.5 console. I think the first option is easier if poss.