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    "Missing Operating System" & 0xe0020018 "SafeBoot disk driver not present"

      I am testing EEPC build 5701 on a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop with SATA HD running Windows Vista Business SP2. After installing EEPC Client, Rebooting to complete Setup (Online Setup) then doing a second reboot I am getting a "Missing Operating System" error after EEPC pre-boot authentication. I then get an 0xe0020018 "SafeBoot disk driver not present" error when running SafeTech on the Wintech/BartPE rescue disk after authenticating with the Code of the Day then choosing "Remove EEPC" from the WinTech menu.

      I have been experimenting with differnt Clint settings in the Files group and am not sure yet which one is causing the boot failure. I have two problems now:

      1) Determine how to recover from this problem, since SafeTech/WinTech aren't working. This would be catastriphic if the laptop contained actual user data, so need to know I can recover from this type of problem in the field. Have tried "MBRWIZARD" and Recovery Console "FIXMBR" - both only remove the EEPC preboot loader but the "Missing Operating System" remains and Windows won't boot.
      2) Determine which of the Client File Group files is causing the problem. I believe the laptop does support CompuTrace but don't know if that is where the problem lies.

      Here is what I've tested so far:

      A) Installed client with base File Group files "EEPC51 LANG: English United Kingdom/USA (PreBoot, Keyboard, Windows)" & "EEPC51 : Endpoint Encryption 5.1.9 Client Files" selecte. With just these base files selected, client installs fine and am able to reboot multiple times without any trouble. Then uninstalled EEPC from EEPM, rebooted and cleaned up any remaining folders/files.

      B)null Installed client with same base File Group file listed in A above, plus the following:
      "Exclude Sector 59..."
      "Test for CompuTrace..."
      "Update MBR..."
      "Theme 212..."
      "File Encryptor"
      and a "Test" file that dumps a PDF on the Desktop.

      After second reboot, receive the "Missing Operating System" and can no longer boot into Windows.

      Only solution I've found so far is to re-image the laptop - which thankfully is easy since this is a test setup.

      Any help, solutions, pointers in the right direction is MUCH MUCH appreciated!!!

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          1. get the current version,57xx is very old, maybe a year?
          2. don't use any of the compatibility options unless you really need to - certainly the Update MBR is only needed in very specific cases.
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            Are those "specific cases" documented somewhere?
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              in the release notes from when that feature was released I guess, plus they should be in the online KnowledgeBase



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                You mean in "kc.mcafee.com"? No, it says only that it is for "There are some MBRs that do not work when SafeBoot is installed."

                But there is no list of computer models/types that have above problem and need "Update MBR....".
                • 5. "Missing Operating System"

                  Thank you for your quick reply... Yes, I intended to get the most recent version as that is what I normally tell other people myself. As for the compatibility options I don't have any clear indication of what is or isn't needed beyond the default File selections. We have many different brands & models of laptops so I feel like this is a crap-shoot.

                  Before I tried the latest version I wanted to first reproduce the problem consistently and see if:

                  A) Could I determine what is causing the problem in case it persists on newer versions.

                  B) Is there a way to recover from it?

                  B is much more important to me because I cannot deploy this product until I know how stable it is and feel fairly sure that we can recover from any crash and burns. If we lost the data of someone "really important" it would not be good, and backing up or imaging every laptop prior to installing or upgrading EEPC is not always practical.

                  Given the scenario from my original post, what would be the procedure for recovering the laptop if it appears that EEPC is installed yet you get a "Missing Operating System" and "SafeBoot Disk Driver Not Present" errors? Any help with this is APPRECIATED.

                  Thank you.

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                    if you are getting driver not present, then your WinTech disk is probably bad - you must have missed out one of the drivers. You should be able to mount the drive and copy the data off.

                    BUT, saying that, you picked some nasty compatibility options (update MBR etc) so things might not be plain sailing.

                    If you've not enabled encryption yet, you can always try restore original MBR from Safe/WinTec to put the original boot sector back, but missing OS usually means the partition table in the MBR is bad (or the disk is still encrypted).

                    If it was encrypted, and you did the fixmbr etc, then you wiped out the information regarding what was, and what was not encrypted, so then you have to go work that out, could be the whole partition, or only a part of it. Once you've worked that out you can use the force decrypt.

                    try loading the machine export into Safe/WinTech, them see if you get a valid disk information screen with crypt regions. If so, then that's great, you can simply use the safe decrypt method to unwind.

                    As long as you have the keys in EEM, there's no reason to ever loose data.

                    Or, log a ticket with your platinum support person.
                    • 7. Advanced recovery, WinTech, & EEPC Compatibility Options
                      Thanks for another quick reply..! As I said, this is a test environment and the goal is to learn the product and its quirks as well as possible before deploying publicly. Having said that, it's easy for me to recreate the problem by simply re-imaging the drive and reloading EEPC. So, I can try things without scrambling the data with FIXMBR.

                      When you say the WinTech disk is probably bad, I'm not certain what you mean? I don't remember reading anything about loading specific drivers for WinTech to access the drive - I thought you just put the plugin into BartPE and it worked (aside from possibly loading the machine export info)?

                      As for BartPE drivers, I can see the drive and access the data directly from the A43 File Manager (actually "My Computer"; I am using UBCD for Windows which is built on BartPE) because I was only testing configuration options and had not encrypted the drive.

                      So, it seems that if the drive isn't encrypted then it should be fairly simple to uninstall EEPC or somehow repair the MBR if EEPC corrupted it? Are advance recovery options documented somewhere (KB, etc.)? I am more a hands-on person and don't mind trying things and wading through it if there is a trail I can follow!

                      You mentioned that I selected some nasty compatibility options - are the options documents in more detail anywhere else? Would be nice to know what to stay away from or when something might be needed.

                      In your experience, would you say that the vast majority of EEPC installs do not need any of the compatibility options?

                      Thanks for your patience and help in this.

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                        No, the vast majority don't need anything at all. Only the machines with specific problems, and they should be documented in the release notes.

                        There is a WinTech guide, but most things will come out of professional services and training sessions.
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                          Check your BIOS for the settings on the SATA hard drive. Make sure they are set to IDE, not ACHI. In some BIOS, the setting is also called Native or Compatability Mode. Basically, just try changing it to the opposite of what it is currently. That might help.
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