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    epo 4.0 will not update




      Epo 4-0 having a firewall on the same network (LAN) will not update master repository, giving errors like; failed to download site status file,

      or http:site status not found,when a pull now is intiated from the epo console.could this be as a result of the firewall on the network?

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          The pull task can fail due to firewall.

          Are you able to access the http or ftp site outside of ePO.

          Can you post a copy of ePOApSvr.log (program files\McAfee\ePO\DB\Logs

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            Just to add you need to be able to access http://update.nai.com/ from your epo server, if you have a proxy you need to set this in the software tab of epo, you can either use IE settings or specify them manually.


            If it is erroring on a specific package ie the dat package, then stop epo services and browse to Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\DB\Software\Current\VSCANDAT1000 and delete the contents of that folder and then restart the services and rerun the pull task.

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              Yes i can access HTTP or FTP site outside of ePO,i can do this on the same server machine to

              access the internet,after a user/passward authentication (watchguard) is authenticated.

              I'll have to re-visit the server to generate the logs,so i can post a copy.


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                Just a note to let everyone know that I moved this thread to the ePO community. The URL to the discussion did NOT change.

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                  I saw the same error the other day with not being able to download the sitestat.xml. Now I didnt have a proxy or firewall that I needed to configure. What I did was download an sdat package from the mcafee website then check it into the master repository. After this was completed I could complete a pull now without issues.


                  I pulled the superdat package from the following location : http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/superdat.asp?region=us&seg ment=enterprise


                  Once downloaded login to the dashboard. Choose Software from the top menu. Once the page refreshes choose check in package. Choose product or update .zip and browse to where you downloaded the file.  Complete the check in progress. Try your repository pull again.


                  Did you put the proxy authentication information inside the epo_servers configuration settings page to use proxy?