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    Unable to install McAfee Agent Framework Service

      Hi All,


      Trying to install McAfee Agent via ePO, but nothing happens.


      Decided to try using the option to create the package and run it manually, but it says "username and password incorrect"... although i know it ISN'T incorrect and DOES have permissions (i tried several times and its the domain administrator account).


      I then recreated the package without user credentials, but this time it would get to 100%, then roll back to 0% and say set-up failed.


      No error codes are provided and the only thing in event viewer is the generic MSI Installer message saying an installation has failed.


      This is only happening on this one server at the moment, our other servers and desktops get the agent fine.


      If i install the McAfee Agent DIRECTLY from the package that you check into ePO, it DOES install OK but says "Agent Service Not Running"... i check the windows services and indeed the Framework Service is not installed... but even if i did get this to work, it would not be able to contact the ePO Server.


      Has anyone had this problem before?