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    Agents connecting to wrong agent handler

      I have my main ePO server communicating with 11 differnt agent handlers.  Each agent handler has a rule set where the machines are assigned to the proper handler by both tree location and IP range.  About 95% of my machines are connecting to the proper agent handler and everything is working great, but 5% of them are connecting to the wrong handler even though they do not meet the tree location or ip range specified for that handler.


      For Example:


      Location A:

      My Organization \ Location A


      Location B:

      My Organization \ Location B


      Agent Z:

      My Organization \ Location B


      So in thoery Agent Z should connect to Location B based on both his tree location and IP address, but for some reason I can not figure out he connects to Location A.  All the agent handlers are using the same definitions and everything so it isnt causing any real problems but each location is on a differnt frame relay so I would like to get this figured out.