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    VS 8.7p2 + Windows 7 = On-Access Scan Misses Virus?


      I was wondering if anyone can reproduce this problem with Windows 7.  We have been able to reproduce this on multiple Windows 7 machines.  We used the eicar.com.zip file as a test.  McAfee support has not been able to reproduce.  You may have to repeat the steps below a couple of times before it starts missing it.  We have both read/write enabled for on-access scans.


      Here is our sequence:

      Copy the eicar.com.zip file to the desktop of the Windows 7 machine



      Open the zip file via Windows by double clicking on it (did NOT use WinZip to open)

      Drag the eicar.com file out of the .ZIP file to the desktop

      eicar.com copies to the desktop (no alert)

      You can now execute the eicar.com (no alert).



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