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    Unable to delete group

      I've busying trying to configure EE - was running v5.1.9.0 and came across some problems - just upgraded to 5.2.2

      When one of my test machines syncs I get:

      Error processing user (ID=00000003): [e0050030] Client data store object not found

      I think its related to this: On v5.1.9.0 under the EE user groups / "endpoint encryption users" I have a error on the right pane:


      After the upgrade there are no users listed under name but I now have "Endpoint Encryption Users (1)"

      I'm not sure why its showing a (1) as I don't see any users listed. If I also try and delete the group I get:

      "Group is not empty"?

      I've got another group I created with my test users in.

      Any ideas?