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    McAfee (CMA) Agent icon.



      I have an issue with McAfee Agent 4.0 and the CMA icon.


      The problem is that when I boot any system of ours (all of them have McAfee Agent 4.0) once the system has booted then all we get is the standard McAfee "V" Shield icon. However, if I navigate to c:\Program Files\Network Associates\ I can run UdaterUI.exe and get the "CMA" "M" icon from which I can also Navigate the McAfee Agent and its settings.


      My question is: Is there a way to get the CMA icon to appear after booting a system or to keep it there constantly. Is this a bug or do I need to configure something somewhere for this to rectify the issue.


      For info: We are running a mixture of Windows XP SP 2, and Windows 2003 Server SP 1. All systems are managed via EPO 4.0 currently.



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          you can manage with icon are showing in taskbar.


          To enable/disable CMA Icon:

          Systems -> Policy Catalog -> Product: McAfee Agent -> My Default (or different Policy) -> Edit -> enable/disable


          To enable/disable VScan Icon:

          Systems -> Policy Catalog -> Product: VirusScan Enterprise 8.x -> Category: User Interface Policies -> My Default (or different Policy) -> Edit ->

          set one of the followingoptions:



          thats all ...

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            Is UdaterUI.exe not running on these machines after logon? It should be being loaded from the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run reg key - is there an entry in there for UdaterUI?


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              Thanks for both your replies. In answer to your questions.


              Yes I already have "Show the McAfee system tray icon" checked under the policy.


              Regarding the reg key, yes it is there.






              The Value Key:




              The Value data is:


              "c:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\udaterui.exe" /StartedFromRunkey

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                Okay, the reg key is there and looks OK. After a restart, is UdaterUI running after you log in? Or do you have to manually double-click it?


                Additionally - are there any messages related to udaterui in the agent log?  UdaterUI does not start (by design) on terminal servers - you may see messages relating to this.


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                  Ok I rebooted a couple of desktops and UdaterUI.exe IS running on startup. From what I am,reading in your reply, if I RDP to a server then the UdaterUI.exe will not run? This could be what I am seeing.

                  Although there is nothing in the agent logs to show this.


                  Is there anyway to circumvent the problem of UdaterUI.exe not loading when you RDP to a server? (If that is the problem).





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                    Can you restart the framework service, log off, log back on again, and then (assuming udaterui is still not running) post the agent log here and I'll have a  quick look?


                    It may be that you'll need to open a case for this with Spport, though.


                    I don't suppose there are any group policies preventing this exe from running?


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