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    Can't use second disk in notebook after os reimage

      I have a problem with my second disk in notebook after os reimage and reinstall of Endpoint.

      I’m a user of a corporate installation McAfee Endpoint Encryption. I have two disks in my notebook, and the encryption status had both disks encrypted and worked fine. I had to reimage the OS (Vista), and now my second disk wants to be formatted! After the reimage, I reinstalled the Endpoint software, it recognized me, and installed correctly with my current password.

      I did create a SafeTech bootable CD from a link in this forum, but it needed a security code and shutdown my pc when I didn’t have it. I searched this forum, but was not clear if any answers would solve my issue.

      Anyone advise me with the steps to get my data back please? THANKS! Ernie

      (I have a backup, so I'm covered if the data can't be recovered)