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    VS 8.7i Patch 2 problems?

      Is anyone else having problems with VS 8.7i Patch 2?  I deployed it thru EPO 4.0 P3 and found that over half of the machines connected run into a freezing/slowdown/lockup problem eventually and have to remove Patch 2 to clear up the problem.  The users have reported lockups with IE and Outlook specifically.  Removed P2 from the server to avoid this problem.  Moving back to P1 seems to be fine.  Patched agents to 4.0 P3 with no problem.  Called McAfee support and they said "no reported problems with P2 so far, uninstall the patch, but in order to do that you will need to uninstall VS 8.7 and then re-install without P2".  However found that P2 shows up as an un-installable option in Add-Remove and works just fine.

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          I would test a system with patch 2 and install the 5400 Engine and see what the outcome is. Also, what processes are spiking the CPU? To get a real understanding of what's occuring I would run Process Monitor while reproducing the issue and save it in PML format. Then call and open a support ticket so we can review the PML.

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            Didnt realize I didnt have the latest Engine... still on 5301.4108.  Will test with 5400.  Shouldnt the automaticall pulls from McAfee get the latest engines automatically if you have it set to "all packages"?


            There is not a process that is spiking the CPU when it freezes up... just seems to "go away" with no specific pointer as to what is happening.  System just stops responding and eventually you cant do anything.


            Will post back after testin 5400.

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              Currently the 5400 Engine is an elective download. The auto update will be posted on November 18th. KB66741


              I look forward to the results of testing the engine.