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    EventParser multicore utilization



      I was wondering if the event parser takes advantage of additional cores, because I have got some backlog event processing to do due to the problem that was solved in patch 2. I have added one more processor, but it keeps having one CPU at 100% and the other one isn't doing that much besides serving cliente with apache. I can add some more cores to the server if there is a way to take advantage of them.


      Is there a way to make the event parser use more CPU cores?

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          Eventparser should use all of the available CPU's (6*# of cpu's = # of threads it is using). I would recommend that you run task manager and add the Threads column to task manager, and see if after adding the CPU the # increased.


          Also the Threads are some what configurable with a few hidden switches, so if you still need further help let us know, and I'll give you the tweak for the server.ini.



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