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    Offline Files

      Can someone answer the following question for me ?

      Our laptop users use 'off-line' files, i take it when they sync these files to there C drive, these files will become encrypted?

      What happens to them once the use logs back onto the network and any files that have changed are sync back to there network drive, are these file still encrypted?
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          you don't say if you are using a particular product to protect anything?

          No, without some extra solution (like one of McAfee's data protection products), the files are not encrypted at all on a normal Windows machine.
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            We are using the encryption option in the safeboot admin console? Does this encrypt individual files or just the drive as a whole ?
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              depends, there are about 20 different encryption options.

              let's start with the basics - what PRODUCT did you put on the endpoint - Endpoint for File/Folders, or Endpoint for PC.

              the former is file encryption, so you'd have to set a policy to encrypt that directory. The latter is a FDE product, so if the partition is encrypted, then everything stored on that partition is encrypted.
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                Don't think its the Endpoint for files/folders as the only ption we have for Encryption is to choose which drive's we want to encrypt?

                We're using Safeboot Admin 5.1.2 if that help anymore?
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                  a bit vague, but the chances are that if you chose to encrypt a drive, and you have some indication this occurred, then the files on that drive are protected. You might want to ask whoever runs this project in your organisation.
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                    I am also trying to find the answer to this so I can put together an FAQ for my directors. Many of our staff also use offline files. We've purchased Endpoint Encryption. How will this affect offline files when they re-connect to the network, will they be encrypted on the network as well?
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                      I think you are missing the point - EEPC does not know anything about files at all, only partitions. The partition is encrypted, the files are not.