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    Agent Handler on Remote Network

      I am having an issue getting Agent Handlers to work. Here is my scenario. I have a remote network with 1 server and 8 workstations. The 1 server has a route to find its way back to our central site and epo server, the 8 workstations don't even have gateway's specified as their traffic is to never leave the segment they are on.


      So I thought, good chance to use the agent hander and install it on my server at that location and have all those agents talk to it.... well.. its not working right.


      Here is how I set it up.


      I just did a normal install of the Agent Handler Package & Rogue Detection Agent.


      Waited for the Rogue Detection Agent to find these 8 workstations (which it did) & moved the systems to my system tree.


      Configured a custom Handler list for that tree segment to use the local handler first.


      Deployed agents from the tree screen and selected the local handler as the handler to do this.


      Now, the agents installed just fine on all the workstations.. HOWEVER the agents never communicate back. The agents are installed, I can force them to communicate but ePO continues to show them as unmanaged and they do not pickup any policies or tasks.


      Any ideas?