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    EEFF Removable Media - Sharing data with 3rd party machine



      We have recently set up EEFF and are using the removable media section to encryption USB sticks. All is working fine on the machines with the EEFF agent installed. However we want to be able to share the data with other machines (that do not have the EEFF agent installed). When a memory stick with encrypted data on it is inserted into a 3rd party machine windows explorer does not show up any data but you can see that that space has been taken up on the drive.


      I have picked this up again after a few months due to some incopatability issues we had with out internal systems. I seem to remember that previously when a USB drive was inserted into a non EEFF machine there would be an executable file you could run which allowed you to enter the password and access the data...


      Have I missed a tickbox somewhere or something like that??


      Many Thanks....