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    Unable to find machine in database.

      I have seen some of issues coming up where we cannot generate the configuration file because machine does not exist in database. Can anyone explain in what scenario can machine get deleted from safeboot database.

      Also is there any criteria where machine has not sync with database for some duration and it gets deleted.

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          the only way is for some one (or a script) to delete it - assuming you are using online installs.

          to confirm, get the machine ID from the recovery screen of the preboot, then go look that ID up in the database itself (using the usual mod 512 logic if you have more than 512 machines etc).

          if the object directory is COMPLETELY missing (and you're sure you got the logic right), then some external factor deleted it. If the directory has .RMV then the machine is in the bin, if it's got a .WPE then someone (or script) did a permanent delete on it).

          If the directory is there, has files in it, but does not appear in a group, then it's an orphan and you simply need to do a group scan from the groups menu to find it.
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            Group scan shows 0 machines and I have also checked in deleted machines and it does not show there also. I along with the other person are the admins and noone else has access to it and we both know that we have not deleted this machin..

            Any other thing we can check?

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              maybe follow my instructions above and look in the actual db itself to see what happened - I mean look in the FILES of the DB, not through EEM. Perhaps that's not clear enough?

              Are you using online or offline install sets?
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                I will appreciate if you can explain in detail.

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                  which part does not make sense?

                  What's the machine ID?
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                    Ok.. I got you..

                    Can you please answer that if a machine does not sync with safeboot database for long time, in that case does database delete the machine???

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                      no, as I said, only you, or a script running under an admin account can delete machines legally. The database will NEVER ever delete a machine on its own.
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                        I have posted a command to use on the database to find who deleted a machine from the DB previously. When a delete goes, it logs to the User performing it in their audit log.

                        Note: You'll need the Machine's Object ID - this dump of the User's audit will give you a listing of all Delete actions taken and the user associate with it but usually doesn't show the computer name anymore.

                        Command is:

                        sbadmcl -command:dumpuseraudit -group:"*" -file:c:\deletedmach.txt -clear:false -eventid:0x01000085 -adminuser:****** -adminpwd:******

                        This will create a file you can then search for the object ID of the machine and it will show you what account deleted it.

                        (Also, if you set up a dump of the user audits on a regular basis this might not turn up info for your search)