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    Unable to complete a full scan

      I have McAfee Internet Security 2009.  We have Windows XP & have had no problems till about the past month.  Now I am getting the message that our computer is not fully protected as a full scan has not been completed in the last 30 days (plus?).  I tried to run a full scan but part way through the computer 'froze' & the screen showed nothing but various colours of lines up & down.  I restarted the computer etc. & have tried this a few times with similar results (only the pattern or non pattern of the monitor screen changed).  I then tried a quick scan - no problem there.  I tried a custom scan & started with the stealth program part & it completed fine but that was about where everything ended.  I am not computer 'techy' at all & when everything is working fine so am I.  I was wondering if some Windows updates might have caused this or has a virus crept in etc.?  Thank you for any suggestions.

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          Hi lculling,


          I have moved your thread to the Internet Security Suite 11 community.


          There is more information on your issue here, as well as FAQ documents: http://community.mcafee.com/message/98630#98630

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            Thank you for trying to direct me in the right direction.  The only similarity that I noticed was that others also had a pop up saying they were not fully protected & for some various reasons etc.  Mine said that I had not done a complete scan in 30 days etc.  When I tried to do so (even though I had no idea why it had not happened automatically as per normal??) it froze part of the way through causing me to re-boot etc.  This message comes up many times thereafter like whenever the unused computer times out, everytime I sign on etc.  It is most certainly annoying & upsetting if it means there is no protection!  Since I am not computer 'techy' at all, it is a big problem to me.  When this pop up says that our computer is not fully protected - does that mean it is the same problem as all of the other issues in the discussions regardless of its reason given that it is not fully protected?  If so it appears to me from the discussions that it is a problem with no solutions to fix it or why it happened???  Like a virus didn't cause it or I didn't cause it or????  Am I understanding this correctly.  I searched all around trying to find if there was a place to actually ask McAfee about it & here I am.  I am assuming this doesn't have much to do with McAfee but a bunch of really good volunteers.  Our world really wouldn't be worth much anymore without volunteers would it??