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    Retaining ePO Name




      I'm in the process ot upgrading epo 3.6 to 4.0 and need to retain the server name/ip etc (W2K3)

      Can I install 4.0 on same server, though the 3.6 server has sql 2000 and i'm thinking of using sql 2005 without uninstalling 3.6


      Is there any guided process in upgrading 3.6 on same server, any thing to watch out for


      Any advice will be really apreciated



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          Sailendra Pamidi

          If what you are asking is to have a parallel installation of ePO 4.0 with 3.6.1 - then it is not possible.


          You can use SQL 2005 with ePO 3.6.1 - backup and restore the database from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. Make sure it is set to Compatibility mode 80.

          Point Cfgnaims.exe to use the SQL 2005 instance.

          Now upgrade to ePO 4.0.

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            Thanks for replying, no not parrallel instal, but full upgrade on same server

            previous install has sql 2000 (epo3.6.1)

            Are saying I have to upgrade the sql first, backup/restore db in sql 2005, run cfgnaims then install 4.0. will this keep all the setting including policy or I will have to recreate policy

            I'm sorry but i'm not a db person, how do i back this up and restore in 2005, also where do I get cfgnaims.exe from


            Many thanks



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              Ive done this and yes I had already done the db to 2005 then just run the upgrade.

              the cfgnaims.exe is in the epo programs folder (under 3.6.1 no longer supported in 4.0)

              you dont say if you are 3.6 or 3.6.1 if only 3.6 I would update to 3.6.1 first then patch then go on with it

              (check your agent is supported under 4.0 MA is)


              bear in mind with epo 4 upgrade it will create a new DB instance anyway eg from epo_server1 to epo4_server1 ( you can import the old events later if you really want them with a server task, the rest of it gets imported automatically during the upgrade process, just make sure to switch off server tasks, clear old unsupported software from repository)


              I also found that the new DB instance needed the db growth settings corrected as mine came up with autoshrink to false so I altered it to true and this fixed issues.


              NB if you are checking in vse 8.7 to the new install make sure to get the extensions zip from inside the patch 2 post as the one in the vse 8.7 patch 2 repost is the wrong one


              Took me about 90 minutes to be up and working


              ps dont forget to have your sql admin set the backup on the new db name

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                Hi Tony,


                Many thanks for your reply.

                I did mentioned 3.6.1, also is cfnaims.exe no longer needed.


                I need some clarifications please, after backing up 3.6.1 db, i need to upgrade the db to 2005, then upgrade to epo 4.0, (Will DB admin be able to restore the DB or there's no need) it looks to me that the main issue when upgrading to 4.0 is the DB. apart from this, will all policies and computer settings (Directory be automatically populated), also what about site settings/sitemgr


                Or is it just better to install fresh 4.0 and migrate the policy


                Many thanks



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                  Sailendra Pamidi

                  Cfgnaims.exe is the tool supplied with ePO 3.6.1 that can be used to configure the database settings - the instance name, the ePO database name and credentials for Admin and reviewer. It no longer ships with ePO 4.0 - since 4.0 uses the web interface for specifying the database credentials (htts://localhost:8443/core/config)


                  Since you are planning to migrate to SQL 2005, the simple way is to backup your existing ePO 3.6.1 database and restore on your SQL 2005 instance - that is all you need to move to SQL 2005.


                  Once done, instruct ePO 3.6.1 to use the SQL 2005 instance and the newly restored database with the help of Cfgnaims.exe.


                  After making sure things are working as they should, you can now upgrade to ePO 4.0 - this would then create a new database and migrate the policies, system tree and task details. You would need to run  Event Migration server task once the upgrade is complete to migrate the events from your epo 3.6.1 database.


                  Refer to KB52126 (from http://mysupport.mcafee.com) for steps on how to backup and restore ePO database using SQL Enterprise Manager or Management Studio

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                    Hi Sailendra,


                    Your answer has been a very good one, very helpful


                    I have one question about 4.0. If install for the first time on a fresh box in a new environment, what is the first task to perform after complete installation?



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                      Sailendra Pamidi

                      Hi Fademidun,

                            There is no fixed order to the steps that need to be followed. First you would upgrade to the latest available patch (ePO 4.0 Patch 5 is the current). Following that you would check-in the updated versions of the point products (such as VSE) into the ePO master repository, populate the system tree (using one of the methods like AD Sync, Import from text file etc), configure the Policies and client tasks for each of the point products as well as the Agent.

                      Configure any distributed repositories, perform a pull to get the latest updates from the mcafee source sites, replicate to the distributed repositories and

                      finally push the agents almost in the end in a phased manner.


                      Review the ePO 4.0 online help to get more details on the above.


                      Hope that helps.


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                        You have being a great help.


                        Thanks so much

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                          I get the following error while installing Patch 5 on the ePO server. - W2K3 stnd 32bits +SP2, SQL 2005 SP2


                          FAILURE: Exception caught in UnregisterPerformanceCounters while trying to Unregister Performance Counters with return code [4].


                          Can anyone please help?



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