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    Recommended heuristic level for EPO 4.5??

      I am new to EPO and McAfee server administration and am looking for a bit of guidance to how far up I should run the heuristic scanning level for my network.

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          Just a note that I moved this thread to the ePO community. The URL to the discussion did NOT change.

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            Actually I believe this thread belongs in the appropriate point product discussion group and not in the discussion EPO group.



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              if you network have a virus, spyware or another attacks, i recommend high level,almost 1 week sheduled scan, you can change this level after this week,  if you network are clean, i recommend medium level, hardware pc  depend too to configurate this level.



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                Anything above low (medium and up) can have noticable to severe impact on certain network operations (file copies for example)  From a workstation standpoint, medium may work for you but pay attention to users complaining that things are running slower than normal.  From a server standpoint, I would not do anything higher than low.  I am speaking from experience.  I went to Focus09 and was gung ho to enable heightened artemis scanning and discovered that medium was causing serious slowdowns on file copies to the point that something that was to take a few minutes was taking more like hour(s).


                Different McAee reps give you different info...at Focus09 they recommended medium as that is the default for the home product but after my blunder and calling McAfee support, I was then told that from a corporate standpoint, start low and test, and that medium is definitely not the recommended starting point.