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    Re:Trojan horse


      I have Mc Afee and i am considering renewing but the other day my computer started freezing up, some other security service popped up and told me I had contracted the Trojan Horse virus and offered me a remedy. I then ran a complete mc afee scan and it showed no problems at all. After failed attempts to reach you,. I decided to use system restore and my computer is working properly again. My question is:

      Why didn't mc afee detect this and eradicate it?

      Thank You Kirk Gallaway

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          I had the same thing happen to me today. I keep getting Window Security alerts, security warning that applications cannot be executed, file mcids.exe is infected and when I click on these to close them, I get porno pages popping up. AntiVirus Pro by Magic Software Inc.

          McAffe is not stopping this.

          What going on??

          Please someone help.

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            Peter M

            I just spotted this hidden away in a rather unlikely spot.  There is no such thing as the perfect protection software.  None of the anti-virus applications on the market can catch everything out there.   One has to exercise due caution and keep some extra anti-spyware tools handy just in case.


            Whenever you get hit by something unusual Google the name immediately,  There is more often than not a cure available.


            But beware of anything trying to clean your machine for a fee other than professional help.

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              I have just registered to this discussion board for the purpose of trying to find an answer to a problem that occured today at work.


              We have 7 machines all using Macafee Total Protection.


              One today had what sounds like the trojan horse decribed in the opening of this thread, only it was not a trojan, but malware, the name of this malware was "enterprise suite" which kept popping up with all sorts of advice that the comp had been compromised and do this do that to resolve the matter.


              I eventually sorted the problem by installing "malwarebytes anti malware"


              The purpose of this post is to try and find out why Macafee have done nothing to resolve this issue themselves?


              We did not invest in 7 licences to have to purchase other licenses for anti malware?


              Are Macafee aware of this threat ( a quick google tells all about the infection) and, why are they not fixing this problem?



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                Peter M

                It doesn't matter whose protection software you have, there will always be something that fools it.  McAfee is adding new detections by the thousands daily.

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                  Yes I am aware of that!


                  Not answered the question though?


                  Are Macafee doing anything about it?


                  Do you not think that a system restore "as was mentioned earlier in this thread" is a little out of the question, when people are paying to be protected from this sort of malware?


                  "Total Protection" words of Macafee not mine?



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                    Peter M

                    The System Restore was the user's idea not McAfee's and before you  say it, no I am not McAfee staff.


                    To me using that is just trying to cover what the cat just threw up with the rug...it's still there.


                    McAfee are doing something about it by constantly updating the database and by asking people to submit sample to the Threat Center.  But they can't provide 100% guarantee against user behaviour bringing something new into the system that goes undetected.  Any manufacturer - Norton, Kaspersky, Eset etc. etc. -- behave exactly the same way.

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                      " Constantly updating the database" ??


                      Do a google for "remove enterprise suite",


                      Have a look at the dates for links on how to.


                      I have found some over a month old, do you not think this is rather a slow update?


                      Don't get me wrong on this Ex_Brit, the only reason for my posts are to resolve this issue for people that may fall into the trap of paying money over, believe me I got to work today and there was, shall we say just a little bit of panic from the young girl that had, had her machine infected!

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                        Peter M

                        Look, I only answered this thread in the first place out of courtesy as it had been posted originally in an obscure corner of the forums and  had been hitherto ignored.  I since moved it.


                        I answered in general terms because I don't see any details in any of the posts asking about any specific infection.


                        We are talking about the home products.  If you want to discuss Enterprise post in Business>sub forums and you also have a Service Portal at your disposal.

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                          I don't want to talk in the business>enterprise section, if I did then I wouldn't have posted here, why are you directing away from the question?


                          You say there are no details in any of the posts about specific infection??


                          How clear can I be?


                          How can or will macafee stop the malware infection "enterprise suite"


                          "Total Protection"?????


                          Where is it!


                          I am highlighting a flaw in the Macafee software, can I not be any clearer?

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