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    FoundStone 6.7 FoundScan Console Removal

      After reading the release notes for Foundstone 6.7 I saw that the FoundScan Console was being removed. It stated, "With an API server coordinating the data flow, you can now have your scan engine scanning your network instead of monitoring other scan engines."


      I have always used my main scan engine to scan as well as manage the other scanners, and I always found that the FoundScan Console was useful.


      Has anyone upgraded to 6.7 and do you find any benefits to removing the FSConsole?



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          Hi Cedan,


          You can accomplish everything you used to do thru the Engine console within the Enterprise Manager (Portal), or FCMConsole now.


          Customers have been pleased with the change from what I can tell.



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            I had the same question about the FS Console as well.  My team is looking into upgrading from 6.5 to 6.7.  After reading the install guide it looks pretty straight foward, any idea how long the install may take?



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              The update process will take more or less half an hour: let's consider an hour, including also preventive database backup and at least a mandatory reboot.


              Concerning with the FS Console: I waited some months before updating (I was accustomed using FS Console above all to follow the scanning process and progress step by step ... Console had a "real-time" log granularity during scan operations that web interface doesn't have, above all when looooooong scans seems to be frozen while they're simply taking a looong time).


              After a few tests I have to say that also the web interface is quite comfortable and more or less it manages giving the same informations (even if it offers just a % value of scan progress instead of the detailed logs of what scan engine is doing).


              And considering that FS Console's been definitively removed, there are no so many choices: it's better that we start to like web interface too as we did with the FS Console  :-))



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                Problem solved: the service hang for mysterious reasons... restarting the service made ALL the scheduled/pending scans visible again... :-)



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