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    Last scan update issue.

      I'm new here.  Earlier today I communicated with a Virtual Technician with an issue to learn that my system is indeed protected but I still have that issue unresolved.


      I find that the date of your last scan shown on the Home Page is a useful feature.  For the past two weeks this feature reads:


      Last scan:  no data available. 


      I have been a subscriber for many years and the options and settings that I use througout have been consistent.  I feel I have not intentially disallowed this scan update and not even sure I can make that happen.   The scan can be done on a schedule or manually and the last scan date remains as.....no data available.


      Sound familiar to anyone ?




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          I had the same issue when I downloaded Virus scan 13.I had run a number of customize scans & same thing, no data available.The only scan that changed the date for me was running a Full Scan.You would think any type scan would change that no data available.Try running a full scan.Hope it works out for you.


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            Hi Steve,


            I did try all scans.....Quick, Full and Customized and with no change.


            A short time ago I did a Customized scan and did find the date and time of completion on another page.  The Home Page still states "no data available".


            Thanks for your response...........Rich

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              Hi Rich,

              I have to believe that McAfee is having alot of problems with this version.It was fine when it was just Virus Scan Plus.I am having trouble after I get a automatic update ,the date doesn't change.I worked with Tech Support in India, Which I don't even go there.They will not here from me anymore.Anyway I got a update this morning & the last update didn't change.So I left it.I come back to my computer a couple of hours later & noticed the date went to 11/11. It must be on some kind of delay.Anyway back to you where did you the date changed, What page I thought all that info is on the main security page.



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                I forgot to mention even Tech Support in India told me a full scan would only change that data not available. Now you know Why I don't want to talk to India.They also took remote access to my computer ,my heart was in my Mouth.


                Hope It all works out for you.Just Look at the board & see how many problems users are having with this version.