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    epo 4.0: replica fails on superagent

      Hi everybody,

      i have a problem with a scheduled replication task on a superagent.

      This is the error: "Failed to upload file Previous\VSCANDAT1000\DAT\0000\avvdat-xxxx.zip to site x.x.x.x:8081, error code 10054 ( An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. )"

      It seems a socket timeout issue. Is it true?


      Anyone help me! Please

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          10054 is not really a timeout - rather it means that the connection was closed. It's possible that this is caused because the superagent is busy at the time of the replication. If the superagent is not running MA4 patch 3, please try upgrading to this version - the relevant section of the Patch 3 release notes is:


          "12. Issue: When a SuperAgent repository had more than five systems waiting to connect for download, subsequent
          system connections were rejected causing the associated download to fail. (Reference: 471505)

          Resolution: SuperAgent repositories now support up to 200 systems waiting to connect for download."


          Regards -