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    Enterprise installation problem





      I have a Vista installed Sony Vaio laptop (Model: PCG 9131M)  that came with McAfee Security Center on a 30 day trial basis. The trial was about to end so I asked the IT technician where I study if there was any anti-virus alternatives available and was offered McAfee Enterprise 8.5. Security Center was uninstalled and Enterprise loaded in its place. The problem I have is there seems to be some kind of software conflict on the laptop which is preventing McAfee Enterprise from working correctly. The V shield icon appears but if you go to click on it to access the Virus Scan console it disappears and doesn't return. The program is also not listed in the programs bar, though if you go to the Program Files folder on the C drive, the McAfee folder is present.  Does anyone have any ideas?


      I've noticed Norton Online Backup is present and I was wondering whether it could be linked to that? I know McAfee and Norton normally don't like each other, but Security Center did work ok alongside it. Maybe Enterprise doesn't? There is nothing related to this problem in either 'Event Viewer' or 'Problem Reports and Solutions'.


      Thanks for your time