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    decrypt machine without .sdb file


      I have a machine that has permanently been deleted from our database.
      I want to remove SafeBoot from that machine. The version that's running on this machine is 4.2.15.

      When I boot the machine with the SafeTech floppy, I obviously can't use 'Values from Database'.

      So I choose 'Values from Disk'.

      When I boot SafeTech directly and enter the authorization code and choose 'Values from Disk', read sector 63 in the workspace and decrypt this sector, it still shows rubbish, instead of 'R.NTFS'. This seems logical, because I haven't authenticated in SafeBoot, so it would be weird if I could decrypt without authentication and just with authorization.

      So I then booted through SafeBoot and authenticated there and choose to boot from floppy. I booted the SafeTech floppy and entered the authorization code.
      If I then read sector 63 to workspace, it is already decrypted and seen as 'R.NTFS'.
      When I choose 'Values from Disk' I receive error '5B050006'.

      So, what should I do to decrypt this disk? Can I boot through SafeBoot, boot from floppy and then decrypt the disk without using either 'Values from Disk' or 'Values from Database'?