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    Protection Pilot Default Server Update failed

      Our company is using Mcafee Protection Pilot and basically the server fails to update (defaultserver update failed).


      I checked the logs and this is what I found


      0104738    I    #5716    SIM_InetMgr    Downloaded file rules.zip successfully in session 2
      20091110104738    e    #5716    SiteMgr    VerifyFileItem: File size verification for C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\nai6F6F.tmp\0000000a\rules.zip failed.
      20091110104738    e    #5716    SiteMgr    CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file rules.zip size and hash failed, hr=-111
      20091110104738    i    #5716    SiteMgr    Sending in upload and response message to ePO server
      20091110104739    I    #5716    InetMgr    HTTP Session closed
      20091110104739    I    #5716    InetMgr    ------------------------------------------------------------
      20091110104739    I    #5716    SIM_InetMgr    Session 1 ended
      20091110104739    I    #5716    InetMgr    HTTP Session closed
      20091110104739    I    #5716    InetMgr  


      Can anyone help me out on this.



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          This particular product went end of life at the End of June 2009.  Support that we have for this particular product is going to be limited due to the End of Life.  You will want to upgrade to Epolicy Orchestrator in the very near future to accomidate supportability.  The current version of Epolicy Orchestrator is 4.5.


          This particular error is occuring because the hash values are not matching up.  Either the content on our site at the time of this update was corrupt or at some point in the download process the files became corrupt/unusable.  This would cause the hash values to be different.  This particular file rules.zip is downloaded as part of the Antispam component.  With Epolicy Orchestrator you will be able to control what components are downloaded instead of the pull grabbing all components from our site which will help with these type of issues.


          If you have any firewall or web monitoring software that could be stripping information from our files make sure to add our update.nai.com site to the exclusion list for that component.

          From your repository in Protection Pilot delete out the Antispam/SpamSafe/SpamKiller entries.

          Try to run another pull after that.


          Hopefully this will help you out, but you need to upgrade very soon.



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            Thanks for that information Khammons.


            I will try what you suggested but I shall also download EPO and implement that.


            I have one question for you with regards to that can I just install it over PP (i.e.) on the same server and will it pick up all the information about grouping, schedule, policies  etc or will I need to uninstall Protection Pilot and then a fresh install of EPO.


            Look forward to hearing from you.