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    ePO operation problems - failing to write to log, etc (The task failed to run: error adding task log entry)

      We've recently upgraded from ePO 3.6.1 to ePO 4.5.0 with the migration and upgrade being carried out by a third party consultant. For the forst two weeks the ePO 4.5.0 system has been working perfectly. Last week we noticed that any time we used the ePO console to wake up any agents we got back 'Task Failed'.


      After being away on holiday for a long weekend it looks like the situation has got worse.


      All looks okayat first glance but the first sign of trouble was that the repositry has not updated with the latest DAT files, the latest being retrieved was 5795. Plus the task log for the last 24 hours is blank. If we try to run a repositry pull server task we get back the message 'The task failed to run: error adding task log entry'. In fact any server task we try to run gives that same error.


      Machines seem to be reporting back correctly into the ePO console and the dashbaords are working, just nothing associated with a server task.


      So ideally I guess we need to know how to reinitialise the log (if that is the problem) so we can see what else is failing.


      If needed our database is set up using MS SQL Server 2005 (SQL server 9.0.4053 reporetd in MS SQL Server Management Studio Express


      Interestingly enough Server Management Studio Express shows within the database 'ReportServer$ePO450' and 'ReportServer$ePO450TempDB', I'm not sure if that second instance should be there or not.


      I hope that someone out there has some idea as to what has goen wrong and more importantly what we can do to fix it!


      Fingers crossed!

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