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    Old Dat files remaining on servers




      I am an administrator for 10 EPO servers and we have been noticing that the server are leaving old DAT files, which are eating up hard drive space.  We are constantly getting calls to upgrade our drives.  When we look at the repositorys, as well as the cache files, we find DAT's that are well over 2 months old.  Some servers have DATS well over 2 years old.  Though we clean these out, is there no automatic way for the EPO servers to clean up their own directories and/or old packages?


      Its getting time consuming to have to constantly clean out old files.


      Ken Mason

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          What version of ePO are you using and what directory are the dat files building up in? I'm curious if this is a caching issue or a problem with the repo itself.

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            Well, we have ten servers, with a mix of 4.0 and 4.5.


            The problem exists on both servers with these directories:




            c:\program files\McAfee\Epolicy Orchestrator\Server\work\Catalina\localhost\RepositoryMgmt




            c:\program files\McAfee\Epolicy Orchestrator\db\RepoCache\Current\vscandat1000\dat\0000


            This seems to be a caching issue but we are experiencing 3 to 6 gigs of data being stored and we are constantly having to clean them out.  Epo should have some kind of task of function for cleaning up its temp files but I can't find it.


            Ken Mason

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              On our server in directory c:\program files\McAfee\Epolicy Orchestrator\Server\work are about 60 MB.

              C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\server\work (contains cached information about web applications registered with Tomcat. Tomcat will regenerate that information, if deleted.)


              So 3 GB to 6 GB are not normal. I would call Technical Support.



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                As to the ePO 4.5 problem, we have had other customers report this issue and it is addressed in the next patch. In the mean time, you should be able to manually clear out that directory.


                For ePO 4.0, that may be related to failed pulls or replications. Under what conditions do you see files get populated in that directory?

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                  Actually, I am not sure and am not concerned about 4.0 as we are migrating to 4.5 in the next couple of weeks.  Am worried about 4.5 as our servers do not have much in the way of spare drive space.


                  Thanks for the info.  will look out for the patch to come out.


                  Ken Mason