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    Question concerning EPO 4.5 Administrator account.



      We recently installed EPO 4.5 (Build:753). I have a question concerning the administrator account which you create during set-up.


      Since the installation, we have created seperate Administrator accounts in EPO for various support teams. I would like to some how lower the permissions or even remove the original administrator account which we created during the setup.


      When I go into Menu>User Management>Users and edit the administrator account in question all the options are greyed out and I cannot change them, however when I edit the user as previously stated, under the menu option I can "Delete" and "Edit". I am a bit worried using the "Delete" function that I may cause internal EPO errors if the options within the Administrator account are greyed out.


      Does anyone know if it is safe to delete the original administrator account, or a way I can change the permissions on it so that it can no longe administrate.


      All accounts are local EPO accounts.