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    Grokster trogan vista

      been using mcafee for over 10yrs and this will be my last if this problem isn't fixed asap. it a TROGAN why didnt it catch it when I just veiwed a web site and when I run the scan it still does not see it. but if I run a renckidinc sypware it see it but will not remove it. this as me mad as heck. any one know how to remove it I would be very thankful and I think if mcafee does not str8 this out in a couple days I will file a charge back to my card. what just are they trying to sale to us all!!!!  pi$$ out custmor

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          Grokster itself is a P2P file sharing utility. Are you seeing something detected by the third party software in your Grokster folders? Please provide more detail so we can assist you.





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            come on SAM   what part dont you understand???   or what part did I leave out??????


            again I just visited a web site did not click on any download read a minute and relized that wasnt what I was looking for.( do you want the link to the page?) then run a spyware from yahoo tool bar and it poped up in the scan!! but it removed all cookies but that one!

            and I'm running all in stealth mode on my firewall that I bought from mcafee as well as internet all in one suit ( think thats what its called, you can check my acct info)!!  man am I mad!!  please dont play with me again I've used this product for years and norton looking better every day!!


            you say you need more info, but dont tell me want you need.  This is what I tell people when I dont know what their or I'm talking about. And you work for mcafee. come on I told you I'm running window VISTA and that I have a TROGAN called GROKSTER (which is a p2p trogan that steals or corupts files) and I cant remove!!!! yes I believe it would have to come from a third party being the web site in question!  it was never there till I visited that web site. if youd like I give you the site. I report it to google.


            If this isn't enough info then please tell me what you need too know. this is a brand new laptop not even 60 days old. now I hope you understand why I'm mad.

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              What symptoms are you seeing? e.g pop-ups, browser redirection, etc etc


              What is the name of the file that you cannot remove?


              Please check VirusScan is up to date and then run a full scan on the machine. Is anything detected?





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                A suggestion.. The Antispy portion of the Yahoo toolbar is well known for throwing up false postives.. To be sure you've really got a problem, please download, install, update, then run a full system scan with the free tool below.. Delete anything it finds as it will be spyware.. Please note, if you have Limewire or similar file sharing software installed on your computer, the scan may detect spyware within the program.





                And at this point,,,, if the original detection found a "Cookie" that is infected, have you tried restarting the computer into Safe Mode, then manually navigate to the section listed, then delete the specific file?


                Hope this helps.





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                  look this is what I found out about it and I can't believe mcafee allows this type of spyware I need to know how to remove it please!!



                  do a goggle on GROKSTER DETAILS and tell me you would want it on your pc!!!!

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                    Peter M

                    Grif just gave you something that would likely clear these problems.  Did you understand what he said?


                    Here's the link to the FREE version.



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                      yes I understand what he said. and I run the spyware and it fixed alot of stuff  but did not touch the grokster trogan. and as I'm typing this note my cursor is flashing is this normal???

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                        well ex-bit  thanks for the malware it was better than any of the others advise but its a trogan/virus. but it came up clean!!  so I DOWNLOADED NORTON and they found it and fixed it. I will no longer be a custamor for Mcafee no longer how sad this is for I've removed norton off of every new pc I've ever bought and I have about 10 in the last 5yrs. but hey mcafee isn't the big kid on the block any longer. thanks for all your help. put I've found out what works for me and so long to mcafee. if you get a better product some day I my try it again. I've been doing bizness with you all for a very long time and feel like I lost a friend, but only for a better one! SO LONG BUT IT TURN OUT FOR THE BETTER 

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                          Peter M

                          Well that's too bad that McAfee failed where Norton didn't but at some stage down the road the opposite could be true.   The real solution is to be extremely careful and always keep Windows totally up to date and keep some extra anti-spyware tools handy.


                          Good luck.

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