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    My computer unexpectedly restarts after installing mcafee?

      I had Kaspersky Internet Security for about a year and my year finally finished. I didn't want to buy a new license because i figured out that Cox Communications offers a McAfee Security Suite to anyone who subscribes to there internet service.


      I uninstalled kaspersky from my computer and installed McAfee. Everything was going well with it for about a day and suddenly it restarted on its own. I ignored it. But now it just keeps restarting on its own unexpectedly without a warning.

      I used to have Windows One Live Care about 2 years ago (before i Installed Kaspersky) and had the same problem .it would just restart on its own without warning. Especially when i surfed the web.When i had kaspersky this didn't happen but as soon as i installed Mcafee the problem resurfaced.

      What could be the problem ?
      i know there isnt a virus becuase i have scanned my computer hundreds of times with Kaspersky Mcafee and Pcpitstop (not at the same time of course) and nothing has shown up