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    Any V6 Docs Available Yet?


      Missed out on participating in the V6 Beta. Or perhaps I should say I never received my invitation...   What's the chance those like me could get an advance look at the admin guides and other docs, even if we can't get our hands on any software?  I'm guessing Beta users are all under NDA...

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          The documentation will be available with the product when it goes GA later this month. As the documentation is currently being finalized from a documentation and localization perspective I am reluctant to release any documentation at this point.


          If you look at the important documents link in this forum you will see a list of FAQ's. That might be a good place to start. If you've got any specific questions feel free to ask them on this forum and we can see what we can do about getting them answered.

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            Thx Anthony.  Been there, done that FAQ thing.  Just waaaay not technical enough.


            I'll be patient.  Grumpy, but patient.  My circumstance may be different than most in that I'm right now halfway through a V5 implementation. I'm faced with some decisions regarding effort that have to be made this week. Mostly, I don't want to commit to significant effort (namely all sorts of scripting work) that may be moot when we move to V6.  Unfortunately I just don't have all the info to make the call.


            I'll ping our McAfee account manager to see what he can do.

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              For those who read the thread at a later date the following has been uploaded to the KnowledgeBase for this product


              PD22395 - Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.0 Product Guide

              PD22396 - Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.0 Release Notes


              Go to the McAfee ServicePortal (http://mysupport.mcafee.com) and search for KnowledgeBase article PD#####.

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                Do you know if there is also a "Quick Start Guide" type of document for v6? It used to be for 5.x.

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                  These are the only two I found when I copied the product over, but I will go and research this just in case there are other docs that were not placed with the product when I copied it from our internal server.  I will come back to you about this soon.


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                    The v6 quickstart guide and also some EE Tech documents are still in process and have not been released yet.

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                      The Release Notes for v6 contain all of the information on how to get the extensions into ePO and then goes over the other steps to set up everything required to get the product up and running. I view this as a pretty good "Quick Start" guide as it should get you up and started. I haven't asked for a Quick Start Guide to be produced as this was covered in the Release Notes. And as has already been mentioned, EETech documentation is coming.



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                        I disagree with your assesment. "Release Notes for Endpoint Encryption for PC v6" do not explain well enough basic installation and use of  the product. More elaborate (and complete) "Quick Start Guide" is needed. Especially because change from 5.x to 6.0 is very drastic.

                        For example all policy related instructions are completely omitted.

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                          Technical Presentation from the Product Management team. This was published during the initial launch of EEPC v6.



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