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    Virus help please - cannot scan anything

      I am on Windows XP, IE 6, and I forget which version of Mcafee Security Center (last years - it's time to renew) and I always keep it updated.


      Several symptoms going on.  I cannot launch a scan.  I get "Cannot start on-demand scan" or something like that. I tried downloading the software again (letting it uninstall and reinstall itself).  The Virtual Technician doesn't find anything wrong.  While installing the new Mcafee, a message told me to reboot (I tried this several times), and upon rebooting, an ugly red box popped up about a blah blah services.exe error and the system would shut down in 60 seconds with a countdown.  Mcafee never acted like it did anything unless I rebooted, and would never scan.


      I had the msa.exe virus, which I may or may not have cleaned off, and the b.exe virus also.  I also see csrss.exe running, although I don't know if it's the bad guy or not (I've seen that there is a real csrss.exe that is part of Windows, that can become infected.)


      Adaware will not install and run correctly.


      Antispyware Removal Tool #1 ran most of the way through, told me to reboot to finish, and then never finished.  (I think a trojan was hikacking)


      SDFix will start to run and will not finish.


      Please tell me what you need from me to help, or what I should do next.

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