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    I need some help please

      Hi,  when starting computer I keep getting error message win 32k.sys? and computer just restarts itself and gives same message? can anyone help me?

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          Peter M

          This section is really for introductions only.  That particular error is a Windows problem that really belongs in a Windows forum.


          Is there some reason you think that it may be McAfee-related?   If so please post more information:


          What is your operating system, service pack and are you up to date with Microsoft update?  There are two ways of checking this.  Go to Start/Run and type in winver then click the Enter key.  Or, right-click My Computer in the Start Menu or on your desktop (or Computer in Vista) and select Properties.

          Post what it says.

          What McAfee products do you have?  Right-click the taskbar icon and select Open SecurityCenter and then click "View Details" or "About" at the lower right of the new window.  Post the details from each module.

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            This is more of a windows error than a McAfee error. Would recommend you to forms which expertise on windows errors like this