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    How can I report detailed repository information?

      ePO runs roundabout 2100 XP Clients and 700 Win-Server, organized by ip-adressrange.
      Clients/Servers at branch sites are supported by 18 (UNC) repositories.
      Every Day I get an e-mail with the repository status information.

      The e-mail notification only shows successfully distributed repositories.

      Not all repositories do have ALL Products. I need to know (for documentation and audit purposes) the actual repository state (listed DAT Versions….), for that time the report was initiated.
      You can check this at the ePO Console by “view packages” , but I need this information as an report, dispatched by e-mail. (audit)

      any idea’s ?? documents????


      *ePO 4.0 Patch 5
      *McAfee Agent for Windows 4.0 Patch 3
      *McAfee Agent for Windows 4.5 (eval)
      *McAfee Agent for Linux 4.0
      *McAfee Agent for Linux 4.5 (eval)
      *VSE 8.0 (less than 50 Win2003-Server)
      *VSE 8.5i (XP sp2 and Win2003 Server)
      *VSE 8.7i (XP sp2 and Win2003 Server)
      *LinuxShield 1.5.1
      *SCP 2.0
      *GroupShield for Exchange 6.03
      *HIP 7 (eval)
      *Encrypted USB (eval)
      *ePO 4.5 (waiting for Patch1)
      *configured Agent will be distributed by ZENWorks (initial installation)

      thankx mas59