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    VSE stops / crashes



      I have installed ePo server 4.5 in my organization and pushed out VSE 8.7 and Antispyware 8.7 to my clients.


      After I did this alot of my clients are getting a popup on they'r screen saying "On-Access Scanner service stopped working and was closed"

      (mostly Vista clients)


      Another error is that many Windows 7 users keep getting a popups in the notification area saying that Mcafee Virusscan is not turned on. (the service has stopped)


      Any ideas?

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          This could be the issue related to scanning of cookie files. This issue is documented in VirusScan Enterprise Patch 2 Readme.


          Please go to the McAfee Service Portal HERE and click on the link for "Search The Knowledge Base". Search for article KB67130.


          The issue can be resolved by either disabling the option to scan for cookies in the On Access Scan configuration, or upgrade to the 5400 engine which can be downloaded in SuperDAT form from HERE


          Hope this helps, please let me know.

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            I downloaded engine 5400 for epo and pushed it out to the clients, and so far it seems like the error has disappeard


            Thanks for your help.