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    Security Scan nag screen

      On three different systems where I have VirusScan Enterprise installed, I repeatedly get the following nag screen:



      I can find no way to disable it, and I'm really tired of it appearing on three different systems over and over, day in and day out.  If anyone can tell me how to make it stop once and for all, I will be forever in your dept.


      Thank you.

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          OK, I found a separate entry for "Mcafee Security Scan" in my list of currently installed programs so I deleted the damn thing.  I'm not sure if my company's corporate IT policy is going to resurrect it next time I'm VPN'ed in, so I'd still be interested in knowing how to disable the nag screen.  Thanks.

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            Peter M

            Moved to VirusScan Enterprise.


            This comes with Adobe-anything updates and unless unchecked at the time will install itself automatically.


            Nuisance, but a mutual sales agreement obviously.

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              Ah, so its installation may have been piggy-backed during an explicit installation or upgrade of another product ... I assumed it had gotten pushed to my system by my company's IT department, but perhaps your explanation explains it instead (which is preferable, since it means it won't reappear when IT notices its absence and simply pushes it again).  I'm usually careful to ensure that extraneous stuff doesn't get installed in that way, but because the product in question was from Mcafee, it may have fallen under my radar so to speak.


              Thanks, Ex_Brit.

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                Peter M

                You're welcome.

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                  This information is correct.  This is installed with Adobe Flash as a default installation.  To not install it you would need to remove this option from the Adobe Flash installation.  Post installation of the product it can be remove by going into the McAfee product group and selecting to uninstall this component.