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    artemis trojan ..again

      Frustrated here..I have the same problem as another poster describes.. That being

      I get an artemis trojan which shuts down the program (when playing my ace of aces game)

      I'm told here to follow a link, but the link has expired or been deleted.


      so I know the fix is available but I am unable to access it.


      could you post an updated answer/fix for this problem?


      thanks for your time,


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          Peter M

          Unable to access what?



          See this thread for how to deal with Artemis:  http://community.mcafee.com/message/88173#88173

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            I am having the same issue... I'm a little confused on what to do! When I try to play the game, I get this message:artemis.jpg

            Can you please let me know what to do?


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              Peter M

              See the link in the post above yours.   It has identified whatever it is as a Trojan and deleted it and that link tells you what to do if it is a misidentification.

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                I think my version of McAfee is different than the one posted in the note. Which is why I'm confused because I can't follow the instructions. Is it possible I have a different version of the Virus Scan? When I double click the icon on my taskbar, I only get a menu which gives me the options : "About, Update Now, McAfee Agent, and VirusScan Enterprise." None of those options allow me to do what is described in the above link. I have a VirusScan console, but none of the information provided allows me to disable it or allow that program.




                - Jeff


                P.S. If it helps, I had to download this version of McAfee through my University in order to have a connection to the internet

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                  Peter M

                  Moved this to VirusScan Enterprise for specialist attention.

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                    Firstly, to clarify, that Artemis is a new technology introduced by McAfee which provides you with always-on real-time protection that safeguards and secures you from emerging threats.


                    Artemis is scanning for files based on suspicion and so if a file shows suspicious behaviour, it is possible that Artemis will detect the file and take the relevant action. When a file is detected by Artemis, it is given a Detection Name of something like Artemis!123456789


                    For more information on Artemis, please go to the McAfee Service Portal HERE and click "Search the Knowledge Base". Search the article KB53735 which will give you a good overview of Artemis Technology. If you search the word "Artemis" this will also bring up a lot of articles.


                    About your game, well Artemis is recognizing the file as suspicious and so if you are certain that the file is not suspicious then you can follow the procedure of submitting a sample of the file being deleted to McAfee Labs. This could possibly result in the file being whitelisted.


                    For instructions on submitting a sample, search for article KB50388 at McAfee Knowledge Base.


                    When you submit the sample, you are given a 7 digit analysis ID. If you have a valid McAfee Entitlement (Grant Number) you could also log a case with Technical Support about your submission and quote the analysis ID so that the submission and status of the submission can be tracked.


                    Hope this helps.

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                      You could also send the file (zipped up using winzip with a password of 'infected') to virus_research@avertlabs.com with the word FALSE in the subject line.





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                        Moving thread back to Security Awareness now. Thanks for the VSE help, Mo.



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                          I have checked the file and suppressed further with McAfee(R) Artemis technology (provides real-time protection that secures enterprises and consumers from threats as they strike and much quicker than traditional signatures can be deployed. As Artemis is updated in real-time there is no requirement to wait for a full DAT update nor to use an EXTRA.DAT intermediate solution.)


                          filename: Microsoft_ DirectX for Windows - d3dx9_33.dll (Microsoft Corporation)


                          Simply wait approximately 30 minutes and this false will no longer exist or trigger on your system. Depending on the network settings you have or the caching involved between your system and ours it may take slightly longer for this false alarm to be resolved.


                          Let me know if you need any assistance further




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