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    Attacked by cyber spyware- Why doesn't McAfee find it???

      I was attacked and maybe still am by Cyber spyware.  I can't give all the details of what it said, but bottom line, they wanted me to buy a program to get rid of it. McAfee did NOT detect it or fix it. I could not get onto the Internet (it would flash and then a red screen from Cyber).  I ran a malware program I have and it found 7 items which I removed.  I used Windows Defender and it said everything is fine. But, when I turned on my computer this morning,  the first thing is a warning from Windows Defender that Cyber spyware is present.  I clicked to remove. How do I know it's really gone?  Why doesn't McAfee find this and fix it?  I have done scan after scan and it says everything is fine. I don't trust my computer and don't know what to do.  If you google Cyber Security, you will see several programs for sale to get rid of it.  WHY CAN'T I CONTACT MCAFEE TO ASK THIS QUESTION?  I PAID FOR THEIR PROGRAM.