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      I switched ip's and am having trouble dl the comcast supplied vs. It says it requires 256 ram and I have 256

      so i do not understand why it would not install. it is an older dell laptop that i use just now and then and when my desktop is

      needing service.


      My nephew got on my desktop to

      watch tv shows and after that my pc has some sort of virus. I had the mcafee installed on the pc but it would

      not let my internet work so i uninstalled it, yes bad move, and now the desktop is heavily infested.


      I am wondering if anyone else has ip supplied vs and how i can get it installed.

      will comcast mail a cd? I was able to get to the mcafee website and dl their free 90 day trial

      but it would not run on my desktop.


      i believe one virus is feedbag and the other poses as a security center, offering to 'clean' the pc for 49.95


      Any help would be greatly appreciated