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    New device is encrypting, but is not seen on Encryption Manager?

      We have created an install package for Endpoint Encryption (v5, 1, 8, 0), which has worked very well for several PC's. We are now running this same install package on a laptop on and everything seemed to be going OK, as the PC rebooted and began encrypting the drive. The instal tech that was performing the install checked the Client status and noted that the install had not included a user as part of the config, which is where I got involved. I check on the McAfee EEM, and the machine is not listed anywhere on the system. I asked the tech to force a sync with the server, and this yielded messages from the server indicating that the ID of the device being encrypted had ID 00000016, but it still does not show up on the manager. The encryption seems to be working fine, but we can't shutdown the machine because we wouldn't be able to log in or (I assume) do a recover. Any suggestions as to whay might have caused this, and how to recover?


      For what it's worth, we did do a backup of the device before we started the encryption process, but would rather not make use of it unless needed.


      Thanks for any assistance on this.


      Big Pete

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