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    Screen Saver automatically invoked after synch?


      We've seen a strange issue randomly occuring on some user machines, that I hope someone can help with.

      Periodically, after a SB synch is performed manually on a device, the device will immediately launch the screen saver and lock Windows. The trouble is, it doesn't always happen so it is difficult to troubleshoot.

      We don't actually use the SB screen saver, so I wonder if I need to untick the "enable secure screen saver" option in the device's group settings? None of the sub-options are ticked under this anyway, but the main option was ticked by default, so I'm a bit worried about disabling it on a live group without knowing what it does.

      The only other thing I can think of would be some of the authentication options under the general device group settings? For example, we don't use the SSO option, so it may decide the user is unauthenticated after each synch, and hence the lock?

      Any expert ideas? I'm finding it hard to test under test device groups as the issue is intermittant.