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    Remote MER

      What are the requirements of excuting a remote MER?


      I just tried to select "Remote MER" form the buttons at the top of the MER program, provided the target computer and credential. The error reciveved "MER.exe failed to run on remote computer".

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          The requirements are provided in the tool itself.


          Remote MER Limitations & Configurations
          .The specified user account must have remote administrator rights.
          .Disable the firewall.
          .Remote MER is supported on Windows 2000 SP4 or above.
          .Deselect the Use simple file sharing option in Control Panel | Folder Options | View. For Windows Vista and Windows 2008, deselect Use Sharing Wizard.
          .Enable DCOM on remote computer.
          .Perform the following steps to specify security settings on your computer:
          1. In Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Local Security Policy, expand Local Policies, then click Security Options.
          2. Right-click Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts, click Properties and select Classic - local users authenticate as themselves from the drop-down menu.
          .Remote MER is not supported on Windows Vista Home and Windows XP Home. An error message appears: "RPC Error. Unable to connect to Remote Computer."


          Thank you

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            I meet all the requirements above and it is still failing to connect. I have verified connectivity and access using compmgmt.msc and other remote admin tools.


            One thing that stands out in the security event log of the taget PC is this:


            Logon Failure:
                 Reason:        Unknown user name or bad password
                 User Name:     <domain>\<username>
                 Domain:        <targetmachine>
                 Logon Type:    3
                 Logon Process:


            Pretty sure we don't allow NTLM anymore for authentication.


            I'm not sure why the MER remote tool would force the use of NTLM instead of letting the OS connect using the best available option using the normal remoting APIs.




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              I am having this problem today.  Has anyone found the solution to this.   I can reach the remote machine.  Then simply get the message  "MER.EXE failed torun on the remote computer".  The ID I am using has full Admin rights on the target machine.




              Herb Smith

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                Hi Smith,


                Could you please send us the log from, %temp%\WebMERClient.log?




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                  I'm having the same issue, it's not a credentials issue - if I type in incorrect credentials the MER Client will give an error saying remote credentials are invalid - I'm able to WRD to the machine and I've verified the settings/requirements in "Remote MER Limitations and Configurations"


                  In addition, neither the remote machine or the host machine has a "WebMERClient.log" file anywhere.

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                    Update - just for grins and giggles, I created a local account on one of the computers I'm trying to get remote MER to run on and gave it local administrator privlidges. When I run remote MER with that account, I get a different error than with a domain admin account (which is in the local administrator's group).


                    I'm still not able to run this, and getting frustrated as other McAfee support is telling me they can't help me until MER can run on the affected machines.

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                      Using the ePO MER package is much simpler as it runs under the agent context. It uploads the results to a location you specifiy and only requires a few things to get it working:

                      -check in the package and extension

                      -enable the MER events in your event filter

                      -deploy the mer tool to the device

                      -create a task to execute the mer