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    Server and Workstation tags disappear in time on ePO 4.0 server



      I have 3 ePO servers set up for a rather large organisation. Seeing the problems we had with branches and policies with our previous AV products, I welcomed the tagging system offered by McAfee ePO 4.0.


      Having set up the required branches and policies, I went ahead to create several tags to apply on machines, and allow me to check these tags on ASCI, so no machine could/would end up in a wrong branch and have the wrong policy applied.


      Here the problems began:


      - When you set a tag to evaluate on each ASCI, the maximum number of charachters in the criteria SQL-statement is 4000, allowing me to create tags with a max. of 62 hostnames per tag... This is explained in the McAfee KB article 60665, however, a workaround for this would be highly appreciated as I have several policies that need to be applied to +1000 machines.


      - The default tags "Server" and "Workstation" disappear from machines in time. When I run the tag criteria manually, it gets applied to a set of machines, the number of machines slowly coming down to 0 after a few hours. I have been in touch with McAfee support on this, without succes. This problems means I cannot be sure of the branch sorting of machines and of the policies applied, being a major issue before the roll-out.


      Any ideas on these issues are welcome! Thanks.