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    Web Gateway traffic quotas

      Hi, I have next issue. I use McAfee Web Gateway with integrated NTLM authentication and traffic quotas for users. When user take access to URL he has seen in web browser notification page with information about current traffic usage. To take access to web site user should to push "Yes, I want to' button. But this notification appears rather often and itn't very comfortably for enduser. Where I can configure options for this notification? Thank you for any help!

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          Hi CasusBelli,

          You should be able to configure this timeout under Url Filter > Quotas and Coaching > Session Length for Quotas.

          If you set this value higher, users should not be warned as often.

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            Hi jnemitz,

            Thank you for your answer. I have configured this option about 2-3 weeks ago and have set a value 60 minutes. But notification page appears regularly in different time interval - after 2 minutes start of session, 5 minutes, 30 munites and other. So that this option didn't help. May be this issue caused with other reason?

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              I recommend to file a ticket with Support, so that we have a chance to take a look into your configuration and the network environment, in order to analyze what is going on. I guess this will be the most appropriate way to have a quick solution, instead of discussing this within the community. We will of course post the results once we have foud the root cause.


              To file a support case please go to http://mysupport.mcafee.com or call in the Tech Supports hotline.


              Best regards,