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    Wierd Links...


      I've been seeing this strange link on my Myspace account as well as Facebook. It seems like it takes the place of whatever link my "friends" are directing me to go to. For example, on Facebook a friend wanted everyone to go to watch his new videos he had posted on Youtube. Instead of a link to Youtube, this link was in place of it. The same sort of thing has been happening on my Myspace account as well. I have not clicked on it.


      I ran a virus scan recently to see if that would help but its still showing up.


      Can anyone tell me what it is, why its there and what I need to do to get rid of it?


      It always shows up as just the first few characters of this and always starts with " http://" but on myspace it ends with the myspace.com. This is the full link that I just took from facebook.




      Thank you-



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