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    Unknown user on home network?




      I'm a newbie here, and am not sure if I'm posting in the appropriate group?  If not, please direct me . . .


      I need help re: removing a recently discovered unknown user on my home network.  I am an administrator on that network, but I never rec'd any notification from McAfee re: the unknown user. The only option I see on the Manage Network link in my Security Center is to hide this item.  It shows the pc name, but no asociated ip address, as it always appears to be offline.

      I'm running Virus Scan Plus 13.15.102; w/Security Center 9.15.135, Personal Firewall 10.15.103 and Site Advisor 2.9.258 on Windows XP SP3.  My DAT file is up-to-date.


      Thank you in advance for any advice/assistance you can offer.



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          Peter M

          Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center

          Click Advanced Menu (bottom)

          Click Configure (left)

          Click Internet & network (top left)

          Make sure that Network Monitoring is enabled at right.


          Now click Home (left)

          Click Manage Network (top left)

          You can click the machine(s) in the Network Map and select if they are friend or intruder.

          You cannot, however, delete them.


          Those warning will continue as long as you trust the network.  if you aren't actually using a network and don't want to trust it click on the network line and then at the bottom right select "Stop trusting this network"

          Then close Security Center.


          If you continue trusting the network and want to stop those constant reminders then you can check that option on the actual pop-up.



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            This did not answer my question or solve my problem.


            I can only click on the suspect pc to see it's name, and my only option is to hide it.  Hiding it does not negate the intrusion.  I never rec'd a warning from McAfee in the 1st place; I still don't see any warnings, but the unknown pc is still there.


            I'll consider your option of not trusting the network, but that's my action of last choice.


            Thank you for your time.


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              Peter M

              After opening Security Center & clicked Advanced Menu (bottom) try this


              With SecurityCenter highlighted at top

              Click Advanced (right)

              Click Informational Alerts (left)

              See if the item highlighted in the attached picture is checked.  If so uncheck Apply and then OK it.


              If that doesn't help click McAfee Support top of page second from right, then Home/Home Office Support then select Technical Support

              and use their free Chat line.



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                Thank you for your reply, Ex_Brit.


                Your Infomational Alerts window looks nothing like mine, but I did manage to solve my problem. 


                Since I was having problems with my System Guards not working right either, I decided to uninstall McAffee, following the instructions re: the MCPR tool, and then (after shutting down, not re-starting) and then starting up again, I reinstalled McAffee.  So far, so good!  My unknown user is gone, and my System Guards seem to be working ok too.


                Thank you again for your time and assistance.  It's much appreciated!

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                  Peter M

                  My next question would have been what versions of McAfee did you have, but it now appears that you have the latest.   You can check that by double-clicking the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter and then clicking "About" in the lower right-hand corner.


                  I think you must have had an older version hitherto.

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                    I do now.


                    Thank you again. 

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                      Peter M

                      OK.  Good luck.