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    Host DLP 3.0 Experience



      How have been your experience with HDLP 3.0? Any issues you are facing with the same!



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          Except for the known issues with this product, there are no major issues reported with this product. For the known issues, you can refer to the Readme for this product.

          This has proved to be a much stable product than the previous versions.

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            That's always good to hear. When DLP will be supporting 64 bit systems, any idea?


            I have also seen - its taking a little bit of time for the DLP 3.0 Agent to become active once we push the agent to end-point. It generally shows in passive mode till one of your configured rules actually get triggered! Is this normal!


            Thanks for the response.


            - AB

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              DLP should support win7 64 bit by mid 2010 with a new version/ or patch. Mcafee is already working on this. However, the customers can still raise a Feature Modification Request for other 64 bit support at https://secure.nai.com/apps/downloads/products/product.asp

              Hope this helps.

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                Product is not supported IE 8.0

                We have received confirmation from the appointed Official support:


                "But the IE 7.0 is supported with the DLP 3.0 and the IE 8.0 was not supported with the DLP 3.0. IE 8.0 will be supported with the DLP 3.1 which will be scheduled to be released on Q1 2010. "


                This is very strange because in the official documentation for the product says: "NOTE: The web post protection rule is supported for Microsoft Internet Explorer IE6 and above
                only. For other browsers, use network communication protection rules." (dlp_300_product_guide_epo45_en-us.pdf)


                My experience with the product: web protection rule in ie8 are working but there are problems with processing speed with post requests, ie8 hang on few seconds (5-7) and then work continues.


                PS: Dont forget that: "When using Internet Explorer 8, URLs cannot be blocked with web application definitions. The problem is specific to IE8, and is due to the tabs being opened as separate processes.

                (BZ#477853)" - readme_3_0_0_en-us


                Sorry for my English

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                  Do customers really need to raise a FMR to support 64 bit? Most of the organization still use XP and no way planning to migrate to Win 7 anytime sooner!


                  - AB

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                    I was told by Platinum support that the next version of DLP would support Windows 7 32 bit only.



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                      Windows 7 64-bit will be the mid 2010 release (expected to be the 3.1 release) and will support this platform.  There will be no back dated support for Vista or XP 64 bit.





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                        I have problem with IE8. The policy web post protection rule work on IE7 but IE8(the same policy on IE7) not worked . Switching back to IE7. Hope DLP 3.1 can test success on IE8!

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                          We bought total protection for data, endpoint and compliance. After going through this forumn (after trying my luck in test bed), it seems like 90% of the McAfee products are not going to support Widnows 7 or Windows Serevr 2008/R2 anytime soon. IT's really strange considering the fact that McAfee is a Microsoft partner. We were planning to implment the whole solution as part of our W2K8R2/Windows 7 x64 migration. I guess, the migration has to wait till the end of this year. Some of the products require ePO 3.6 and others require ePO 4.5 and some require SQL 2005, some require SQL 2000. Good going McAfee. The money we paid for this year is gone for good. I like McAfee since it was selling only AntiVirus. I guess the integration of acquired products are dragging McAfee down. Also, please fix up the product's names especially the encryption products. Arrange the customer download area to show updated prouducts on top. stop showing agreement for each download. When I login I agree to all terms and conditions. We bought McAfee Web gateway and got Secure Computing box. McAfee Remediation manager documentation explains how to install Hercules Policy Auditor!!!

                          Please don't take these personally. I'm stuck with my project due these inconsistenies. Please do something about these issues.

                          Hope all of this will be sorted out soon. Best of luck

                          Thank you


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