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    uninstall options for McAfee Security Scan installed by Adobe


      We are an Virus Scan Enterprise shop and Adobe flash player is installing "McAfee Security Scan" which is interferring with our users' productivity by causing error messages to pop-up. We want to uninstall this across the enterprise by using a batch file but cannot determine the "silent" options to use on the uninstaller. 'C:\Program Files\McAfee Security Scan\uninstall.exe' brings up a box in which the user must click 'Uninstall' and we would like to force that uninstallation and make it invisible to our end-users. What command-line options are available to force the uninstallation, quietly if at all possible, of McAfee Security Scan?  (original question asked by jcstevens - not related to my company at all but answer still needed and suspect that others need also).