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    Can not install Agent Handler

      I have an EPO server version 4.5 that is using distributed repositories at serveral branch offices.  It has been working fine and we are wanting to try out the agent handler functions to make the maintenance a little bit easier.


      When I went to install it today I get this error message "Setup did not detect a compatible ePO server with the specified parameters."

      I know the parameters are correct, because the server is there and it has been working fine.  The U/PW is right because it is the one I use to log into it every day, as is the ePO server name.

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          Hello luchtam


          I have read your post, please bear with my here, i have a few questions for you. The agent handler must be installed on a seperate server that is dedicated, as this i a scaled down version of the Master Epo server in your enviroment ( the fist one you installed). You need to have quite a good link between the two servers, as they are going to share the same sql Server. Is this the model you are woking with?


          If this is the case above, have you created agent handler groups yet? Let me know and i will try assit you 

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            I am trying to install it on a devision server where the distributed repository for that devision office currently sits.  It is a separate server in a differnt location.  Same domain.

            The distributed repositories have been in place for a while and are working fine, we are just trying to get the agent handlers going to eaise the maintenence.

            I have not created the agent handler groups yet, according to the install guide this can be done after the installation of the agent handler.

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              Try using the IP of the ePO Server instead, also make sure the following ports are open...



              8443 (from AH to EPO Server, vise versa)

              1433 (AH to SQL, Vise Versa.) OR the port you are using for SQL server.

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                If there is a FW in between your ePO/SQL server and agent handler - you have to open the necessary ports in the firewall to make the communication happen.


                Check if you are able to connect to the ePO sever on specified port by doing a telent. Perform the test for SQL server as well.


                Hope that might help.


                - AB

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                  The ports are already open because I have had the distributed repositories set up for a while.


                  I can telnet to the ePO server on all of the nessesary ports.


                  Using the ip address of the ePO server as well has the fully-qualified doamin name give the same error.



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                    When I stalled the my AH, I also received this error. It was related to the ability of the AH installer to communicate with the ePO server. Ryan provided the default port requirements. If you are using custom port assignments, then you will need to adjust that as required. In my case I established my AH in the DMZ and the firewall rules were not established as requested. The Agent-to-server communication port and Agent-to-server communication secure port need to be open if a firewall is involved. I had SQL server connectivity when the error was recieved.

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                      I will take another look at my firewall rules but it shouldnt matter if my agent handler is not in the DMZ.

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                        Sorry yes 8443 is the default port for the ePO console. Your installation could be different.

                        So if you not sure, login to epo console | Menu | Configuration | Server Settings | Ports | Console-toserver Authentication port = ????


                        Also your distributed repos most likely dont use 8443 (unless you setup your Agent Wakeup call port to 8443 and you are using superagents.).


                        Another important Note is that the Agent Handler has to make a direct connection to the SQL server, so those ports must be open as well. (default SQL port is 1433)

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                          I am using super agents.


                          Agent-to-server communication port:

                          Agent-to-server communication secure port:Enabled on port 8,443
                          Agent wake-up communication port:8083
                          Agent broadcast communication port:8084
                          Console-to-application server communication port:8453
                          Client-to-server authenticated communication port:8454


                          Can I not use sql express 2005?

                          This is not a firewall issue because everything is on the same local network, the devisions connect via frame relay.



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